Mobile Kaleidoscope 1.0

No Image Mobile Kaleidoscope is a new kaleidoscope simulator for windows mobile devices such as Pocket PC and Smartphones. It allows you to view many unusual kaleidoscope pictures, which are never repeated. You can vary picture options, such as: mirrors, shapes sizes, opacity, etc. It`s possible to save your favorite picture to favorites and enjoy it any time you wish.

Kaleid-O-Space 2.1.1a: Kaleid-O-Space brings you all the mesmerizing beauty of a real kaleidoscope.
Kaleid-O-Space 2.1.1a

kaleidoscopes zooms into view and fills your screen. Each kaleidoscope plays as long as you desire based on the setup screen options. Then the kaleidoscope zooms back out into space and the next in the series zooms in to replace it. There are many options in the setup screen for controlling kaleidoscope display duration and performance. You can choose any display timing as well as selecting inter-kaleidoscope transition effects and the complexity

animated, metaphysics, screen saver, space, screensaver, kaleidoscope, mandala, animation

Nervebit Kaleidoscope 1.0: Prospectors will struggle to determine the future owner of Kaleidoscope.
Nervebit Kaleidoscope 1.0

kaleidoscope. They independently mined from the depths and formed blocks of cleaned elements on its surface. No wonder these valuable artifacts are coveted goal. Prospectors will struggle to determine the future owner of Kaleidoscope by skill to better manage it. Ore reaches the surface Kaleidoscope as separate blocks within a few pipes. In front of each tube are stops that limit the output of ore. Position of stops can be adjusted by control gearwheels

board game, game against the ai, logic game, logic

Kaleido Flash 2.3: Create dynamic Flash kaleidoscope with one photo
Kaleido Flash 2.3

How to make your photo be miracle, try Kaleido Flash! You do not need a specialized camera lens, Kaleido Flash will make your digital photos have dynamic kaleidoscopic effects. Moreover, the effect is changing with the moving of mouse. That should be a great gift for you friends. Full features list: 1. Setting the size of Flash kaleidoscope; 2. Various shapes of kaleidoscope; 3. Save as Flash file format; 4. Import to Flash Mixer in safe mode;

kaleidoscope flash, kaleidoscope, kaleidoscope maker, greeting card, kaleidoscope photo

MetaScope 1.1.0: A Kaleidoscope Screensaver that searches the Internet for Pictures
MetaScope 1.1.0

MetaScope is a million screensavers in one. Simply type in phrases like "Britney Spears," or "Dramatic Electrical Storms," or "Picasso" or *anything else you like*. In about 10 seconds, you get a gorgeous new kaleidoscope, customized to your personal interests. The ultimate Google Hack, MetaScope searches the internet for new images using five different search-engines including Google and AltaVista.

metascope, internet, demo, screen saver, kaleidoscopic, screensaver, kaleidoscope, shareware, image search

PhotoEchoes 3.10.3: Animated kaleidoscope with your photos, will produce awesome images. Video rec.
PhotoEchoes 3.10.3

PhotoEchoes is a digital Kaleidoscope that generates awesome animated images based on photographs stored in your computer. It can run as a stand alone program (windowed or full screen) or as a screensaver. With the ability to capture and save at high resolution the images and tileable patterns it creates either to a file or directly as the Desktop Wallpaper. Also with Video recording produces AVI files for other devices (tv sets, phones)

inspiring, video art, visual imagery, graphic design, kaleidoscope, meditation, mandala, tileable pattern, pattern, relax, chillout, tiles, photoshow

SE-ScreenSavers 1.12.1: SE-ScreenSavers are free 3D animated screensavers for Windows.
SE-ScreenSavers 1.12.1

All the famoust types of screensavers are here - various clock screensavers, popular Matrix screensavers with multiple presets, 3D photo screensavers - 3D album, flying images or photo animated strip, new Puzzle screensavers. Extraordinary beauty of fractals or kaleidoscope flowers will remain noone indifferent. Large number of additional types of screensavers will satisfy the taste of any users - snowfall, mac-style Flurry screensavers and other.

surface, snowfall, mandelbrot, flurry, julia, forest, matrix, free screensaver collection, amoebas, flip clock, trees, 3d screensavers, se soft

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